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Why a good PAYDEX score is essential for getting good credit – I’ll show you how to get a good PAYDEX number even if you have ZERO previous business credit!
Sole proprietorship vs. Corporation? Shell corporation or Shelf corporation? All the info you need to make a wise decision for your business.
5 simple steps you must take to give your business a professional sheen from the start – appearance is everything; it may seem superficial, but don’t blow it by neglecting these easy steps.
How you can automatically, on the spot, increase your credit 50% more than your “official” limitanytime you need to, without any extra fees or penalties.
View an actual business credit report – get an insider’s view of what they’re looking at when they check your credit.

Separating Your Personal Credit From Your Business Credit!

Did you know that almost 9 out of 10 business owners start a business based off of their personal credit! They use their own saving to invest as start up capital then they personally guarantee business loans and lines of credit.

If you know how to separate your personal credit from your business credit you can separate the personal liability from the business. There is a simply and proven path to establishing business credit that must be followed if you are a business owner.

By establishing business credit, your chances of obtaining business financing will increase by over 250%!

As an expert in building business credit and the business credit industry, it has been my experience that less then 5% of entrepreneurs or business owners truly know what business credit is and how to establish business credit.

Last month I was speaking at a real estate investment seminar and was not surprised by how many business owners in the room came up to me afterwards and expressed their concern for starting a business incorrectly by not separating their personal credit from their business credit.

Many of them mentioned that they had anywhere from 3-9 properties in their personal name, which was negatively effecting their personal credit history. We spoke about the many benefits of business credit, mainly, the possibility of purchasing real estate under the corporation name without it showing up on their personal credit report.

We spoke about the possibility of obtaining additional financing to fund their real estate deals or other businesses. The one thing everyone had in common was not enough funding! They knew what to do with the funding; they just were not able to obtain it.

By establishing business credit you will be able to literally obtain unlimited financing and eventually obtain it without a personal guarantee!
One thing is certain, if you don’t establish business credit you damage your personal credit, put your family at risk and dramatically lower the possibly of funding and business success!

How to Build Business Credit

Building good business credit is just as important as maintaining good personal credit. For most business owners, business credit may even be more important than personal credit! With a combination of good business credit and good personal credit you will be able to obtain the best terms and conditions each time your business needs financing.

But what if you don’t have good personal credit? Is it still possible to obtain business credit and business financing? Of course! However, it is harder to do. Because most lenders will want to look at both you business credit and your personal credit, you will have to build up your business credit so it is able to support your business lending needs regardless of your personal credit. It is definitely possible, but you must plan on taking the time and following the necessary steps in order to obtain business financing without a personal guarantee and regardless of you personal credit.

The process of building business credit must be followed if you plan on obtaining financing without a personal guarantee. Here are a couple of the requirements that a business owner must have in place to start the successful process of building corporate credit.

Business Entity: You must have a business entity established in order to build credit. it is preferable that you build corporate credit to a corporation or LLC.

Business address: You will need to have a physical business address.

Business Phone: Are you running your business from your cell phone? If so, don’t plan on setting up business credit. You will need a local land line phone number listed in 411 in order to establish you business credit file properly.

Business license: Is your business required to have a state or local business license to operate? You will need to find out and obtain one if needed.

Bank Rating: What is your bank rating? You should have a proper bank rating in order to obtain the best possible business financing.

Duns Number: You will need to have a duns number so your trade account can report your payment history.

Trade references: You will need at least 5 trade references to obtain your business paydex score. Make sure to set up account with companies that are set up to report your good payment history to the business credit bureaus.

Does it sound like a lot of work? It is, but it is not anymore work than any legitimate business owner should already have or plan on having if they want to be successful in business.

Your goal should be to build an 80+ paydex score and favorable duns rating. Let me dispel a common myth, just because you have an 80 or higher paydex scores doesn’t mean that banks suddenly become donation centers! Your paydex score only reflect how your company pays its bills. There are other ratings and scores that you will also want to have established so your business will be able to obtain financing on it own.

Most business owners are not aware that Dunn and Bradstreet has a “high-risk” status. If you skip a step in the set up process of your business credit or try to short cut the process your business credit file could be put into this category. It is very difficult to dispute or have the “high-risk” status removed from your file. Since no lenders will ever lend to a business in this category each business owner must have the appropriate knowledge of what to do and when to do it when it comes to building business credit.

Building Business Credit

Most businesses want to be able to borrow money when they need it, without the owners having to personal guarantee the loans. This means less risk to the owners. Hoping to get a business loan without a personal guarantee is one thing and actually obtaining it is quit another.

Too many business owners come to us last minute trying to obtain additional financing. We are constantly approached by business owners asking how to obtain business financing, and more importantly, how to obtain it without a personal guarantee! We watch as successful businesses are turned down for financing because they haven’t taken the time to set up the business credit properly.
More vital is after the business credit is set up, who should the business contact to get financing?
Let me also say one thing, there is a common misconception, good business credit will overcome bad personal credit. In most cases, this is simply not true. It is important to have good personal credit and good business credit.

Let's face it, banks are not donation centers! They will be looking at both the business credit and the personal credit of the owners of the business. Just because a business owner has great business credit doesn’t mean that the bank will completely ignore the negative personal credit.

Part of building a good, solid business is taking care of both business credit and personal credit. Although, building business credit is totally different than building personal credit. With business credit you will need to make sure that you have a proper business entity set up. You will need to make sure it is a real business. By that I mean it should have the proper licensing and permits to operate in your local jurisdiction. You will also need to have a real address. Not a P.O. Box! You will need to set up the phone number properly so that the business credit bureaus can verify that you really are in business.

You will need to do business with companies that report to the business credit bureaus. There are over 500,000 companies that extend credit and less then 10,000 actually report to the business credit bureaus. If you are doing business with someone who doesn’t report it does nothing for establishing trade references.

The best advice that I can give is start now! The point that your business needs the money is not the time to start building business credit. Start before you need it so when you need it it is available. Remember, the most important part of building and operating a successful business is laying the foundation and business credit is part of that foundation that needs to be set up properly in the beginning.

Let me give a couple words of warning!
1. Don’t try and buy credit. There are a few companies that will try and sell trade references for a large sum of money. This is a rip off and as soon as the credit bureaus find out they will put your company in "High Risk" status.

2. You don’t need to spend large sums of money on "Shelf Corporations" or "Aged Corporations," shelf corporations have their place and can be a benefit, but you can also build business credit and obtain financing to a brand new corporation.

3. Don’t try and substitute good business credit for bad personal credit. Spend the necessary time and money to repair your personal credit while building your business credit.
Do yourself a favor and start building business credit the right way so when your business needs financing you know where to go to obtain it!

Do yourself a favor and start building business credit the right way so when your business needs financing you know where to go to obtain it!

Building Business Credit for Business Owners

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur and still have not separated your personal credit from your business credit? If so, you may find yourself in the same category as most business owners, not quit sure how to build business credit!

Most businesses want to be able to borrow money when they need it, without the owners having to personal guarantee the loans. This means less risk to the owners. Hoping to get a business loan without a personal guarantee is one thing and actually obtaining it is quit another.

The solution is to understand what business credit is and why every business owner should build it. By building business credit every business owner is able to separating business debt and liability from their personal debt and liability. Most importantly, by building business credit a business owner is able to obtain larger amount of business financing at better interest rates.

Before a business owner rushes out in a frantic search of business credit, one must understand that there are no laws protecting business owners from the business credit bureaus! It is imperative to know how to set up business credit properly, but most importantly what to do prior to setting up business credit and in what order to proceed. The reason this is so important is, like personal credit, where someone has the right to dispute in inaccurate information, by law the personal credit bureaus must respond within a certain time period. If a business owner’s business credit is inaccurate or set up improperly, the business owner does not have such protection to dispute inaccurate information.
Make sure that you meet all business credit criteria prior to setting up business credit and before applying for any type of business lending. A business credit profile can be established for a common C- Corporation, S- Corporation or LLC. Don’t bother trying to build business credit to a Sole Proprietor, as most Sole Proprietors are based on the business owner’s social security number and not a tax id number.

Once the business credit is build then the business owner can apply for business financing on obtain credit without personal credit checks or personal guarantees! The stronger and stronger business credit the owner builds the better financing the business is able to obtain.

There will come a time, if not already, that every business owner will need additional financing. If you have taken the responsibility of separating business credit from personal credit then your business will flourish as you will have all the business financing that you need.

Do yourself a favor and start building business credit the right way so when your business needs financing you know where to go to obtain it!

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