Monday, December 10, 2007


Founded in 1954, American has built a market-leading reputation for exceptional customer service, selection, and price earning us numerous awards as an outstanding retailer of furniture, consumer electronics and appliances.

Over the years, American has become known for building stunning, beautiful retail stores and for maintaining them meticulously.

At American, Our Quest To Take The Shopping Experience To A New Level For Our Customers Continues Every Day.

One Way We Accomplish This Is With The American Credit Card Account.

American is pleased to announce a new Commercial Credit Card. WFCB has developed a process to streamline payments and provide easy to read detailed information for all your business transactions with the Contract Sales Division of American. The new Commercial Credit Card will bring the following benefits:

  • Gives small to large companies the flexibility to revolve balances

  • Convenient minimum monthly payments or pay in full

  • Internet site to view current and past purchases

  • Pay on line through easy to use internet site

  • Longer payment terms

  • Pre-statement invoicing

  • For easy reconciliation, detailed monthly billing statements

To apply visit us at;jsessionid=7D0C67CF7DB84F676C9EEA7C724D7A03

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