Monday, December 10, 2007

Action Electronics

If your need is immediate, place your order with your credit card!
Action Electronics (as we hope you are) is looking for a business relationship. Not a one night stand.

This means that if you have purchased from us before, or plan on continuing to do so regularly, we will be more than happy to consider opening an account. We'll require a $100 initial order minimum and $50 per invoice thereafter.

Sound good? Then please request an application by clicking the below link to our autoresponder.[CLICK HERE TO Request a NET30 Application] <-Click. Send. Wait for reply

• We can not ship using your UPS account or any customers shipping account. All orders must ship PPD & Add on our UPS account. Period. That's it. No exceptions. • If you would like, we can add the cost of freight into the items, or you can do so on your PO. This way we can process your order and you get what you want! Let us know.SEE THE FAQ PAGE for other conditions

If a probable one time purchase, or occasional, please use your company credit card. Easy to get, to use and saves us both a lot in our accounting departments.

California Business Purchasing For Resale? [HTML for RESALE CARD] This form is included within the credit application.

Thank You for considering Action Electronics for your needs, we do our best to serve you.

Please allow at least a week for processing, so If you need it now, submit your application and make your purchase with your credit card. Thank you.

Action Electronics Terms and Conditions supercede any terms or conditions on any purchase order you ask us to fulfill. Ours are honest and up front and if yours are the same, there will be no conflicts. They are:Action Electronics will fill your order as fast and accurately as possible.Action Electronics will invoice you for the price for the item or items that was agreed upon plus S&H that is prepaid and added. There is a minimum Net-30 charge of $20 merchandise amount (Amount less any tax and shipping)Your company pays for the invoice within the terms Action Electronics offers, NET-30 Days.Late Fee. This will only be assessed or considered if we have to continually try to get invoiced paid. Fee is $10.00.-That should be all there is to it-However, as your purchasing terms are hopefully set up to protect you from less than veracious merchants, the following is to protect us from less than veracious buyers: [Full Policies, Terms and Conditions...]

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